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How to Feed Veggies to Kids? Try these VEggie NuggetS

Kids can be really fussy and picky when it comes to eating veggies. Mothers normally struggle with this issue and are looking for ideas to feed veggies to their kids. Well these VEGGIE NUGGETS are my tried & tested recipe & are approved by my 4 yo😁 All kids like crunchy and crispy nuggets so […]

Korean Chicken Skewers (Dak-kochi)

Dak-kochi is a popular Korean street food. Chicken on skewers is grilled and coated with a sticky sauce. The spiciness & sweetness of the sauce paired with the char from grilling gives the chicken a deep and delicious flavor. I love making chicken skewers as it’s a different way of presenting the same old chicken […]

Pineapple dessert

Do you have guests coming over and want to make a quick dessert? Try this pineapple dessert that is ready within minutes. It’s really easy yet absolutely delicious. I have tried it many times and it definitely is a crowd pleaser. This recipe yields 3-4 servings. Ingredients1 small tin of Pineapples1 cup Heavy Cream1 packet […]