QuickFix No-Bake Dessert

Chocolate Éclair Dessert
A quick and simple dessert with only 5 ingredients and no baking/cooking involved🤩It is a layered dessert with crushed biscuits, pudding mix and dark chocolate ganache topped with chocolate decorations for a classy and beautiful look! It is ready within minutes and is an absolute show-stopper.

Serves 4
16-20 Biscuits of your choice
2 packets Rafhan Pudding mix with caramel sauce*
1.5 cups Heavy Cream
100g Semi-sweet Chocolate
50 ml (3 tbsp.) Milk
*if you are using a pudding mix without separate caramel sachet, then add powdered sugar according to your taste

Crush biscuits coarsely and add a layer in the jars. Whip cream until soft peaks are formed. Add pudding mix along with caramel sauce and milk in whipped cream and beat again until everything is mixed. Put this mixture in a piping bag (or use a spoon) and add a layer on the biscuit layer. Then add one more layer of biscuits and the pudding layer. Put in fridge to set. Heat 50 ml cream in a microwave for 30 seconds. Then pour on 100 g chocolate and mix well until combined. Set aside for 15 minutes. Then pour it as a final layer in the jars. Keep in fridge for 1-2 hours to set (best to leave overnight). Decorate with whipped cream and chocolate decorations. Enjoy!

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