To Nashta or Not to Nashta

When you’re living abroad, there are many things that you miss about your home country; your family, the food, the culture… Even the smallest thing can be nostalgic and take you down the memory lane. One of the things that I miss dearly is the Halwa Poori Nashta. Whenever we visit Pakistan, this typical desi nashta is a must-have. Getting up early on a Sunday and waiting anxiously for garma garam nashta is a feeling a lot of you can relate to.

A few days ago, we had planned to go for our weekly biking tour on Sunday. It has become a family ritual to go for biking every weekend. But unfortunately our plans were cancelled by rain. We were depressed that we won’t be able to go out. So what do us desis do we have to stay at home because of rain? We cook and eat 😆 (staying fit and healthy can wait a day or two but pehlay pooriaannn) Saad quickly suggested halwa poori nashta and offered his help so who was I to say no😄. We followed Sheherbano’s (thepmpmom)  Sooji Halwa and Poori recipe. It’s the best halwa recipe I have tried so far and has that proper ‘bazar wala taste’. Trust me once you try this recipe, you would never want to buy store-made one.

Being an expat and having little family support, I usually like to keep things easy and don’t judge me if I say that I have only made pooris twice in my life. Once when we were living in Chemnitz during our masters and this was the second time. Making pooris was always a big hassle for me and I wasn’t very confident. Also Saad loves parathas so I usually made them with this nashta and he was a happy man. But when I saw this detailed poori recipe along with images, I really wanted to try them. And I’m glad I did. The recipe was so easy to follow and almost fool-proof that even an amateur like me ended up making the perfect poori. I could proudly say that my fear of making poori is gone forever!

For cholay, I have tried various recipes but I always missed that thick sticky gravy one finds in bazar walay cholay. I finally came across this Lahori Chana recipe from Aamnaz kitchen. When I tried it, I was in heaven. The consistency was perfect and I didn’t even had to prepare a typical masala first. I have been making it for 2 years now and it is my go-to recipe ever single time. I only modify the quantity of oil to give myself the false illusion of having something relatively healthy 🤣

Anyways, there should always be a cheat-day and this Sunday was definitely ours! We had a lovely brunch and enjoyed the rain even more. I felt like a I’m sitting in a dhaba in the middle of Lal Kurti (those of you who are from Rawalpindi know what I mean) and having nashta…

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